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... this paper is to investigate the stability of the additive-quadratic functional equation in random normed spaces in the sense of Sherstnev under arbitrary continuous t-norms In this sequel, we ... stability of cubic, quadratic and additive-quadratic functional equations in RN-spaces see 32, 33 In this paper, we deal with the following functional equation: f 2x y f 2x − y f x f x−y y f 2x ... of 1.9 In Section 2, we investigate the general solution of the functional equation 1.9 when f is a mapping between vector spaces and in Section 3, we establish the stability of the functional...
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... (3.62) 340 Existence of extremal solutions for quadratic fuzzy equations conditions in Theorem 3.11 are verified for p = 1, and (1.11) has extremal solutions in [χ{0} ,χ[−1,1] ] We can choose, for instance, ... [x]α ,[x]β ≤ K |α − β|, for every α,β ∈ [0,1] and some fixed, finite constant K ≥ (2.15) 326 Existence of extremal solutions for quadratic fuzzy equations This property of fuzzy numbers is equivalent ... ∈ [0,1], (2.42) 330 Existence of extremal solutions for quadratic fuzzy equations and, analogously, (Ax)R (α) − (Ax)R (β) ≤ M |α − β|, for every α,β ∈ [0,1], (2.43) therefore, by Theorem 2.5,...
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