Playway1 teacher s resource pack 2nd ed

fairyland 3 teacher''s resource pack

fairyland 3 teacher''s resource pack
... PHOTOCOPIABLE I 3- cls 3' 3,v or sticko picture of their fovouritetoy, ond write o shortdescription, a.ja' ,,I tJ, whot colour lf ls,etc, Provideyour own picture ond write o short i^ = 55 i J4 , 3: l.E3oa on ... poge to o different 33 iour, drow itemsond colour e.g, red: o tomoto, o rose,o fire engine,etc, Pupils writethe wordsunderneoth, Helpthem with ony new words -€m ond, if you wish, 3e sureto collect ... questions * +- ,, out theirscores : crk ond whot it meonsfor fheml 33 HolidoyActivities lftrry ehristmes GEfrEss Fublishing PHOTOCOPIABLE 35 HolidoyActivities Itffil lrster! eggs @ggs eggs eggs k- rrhilir*{*r*,*,il{,**...
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