nghiên cứu điều trị thoát vị đĩa đệm cột sống cổ bằng phẫu thuật lối trước đặt dụng cụ cespace bản tóm tắt tiếng anh

nghiên cứu điều trị thoát vị đĩa đệm cột sống cổ bằng phẫu thuật lối trước đặt dụng cụ cespace bản tóm tắt tiếng anh
... cases of Cespace settlement into the vertebral body (6.74%), cases of adjacent vertebra degenerative disc (2:24%) and two cases of anterior displaced Cespace (2:24%) Anterior displaced Cespace, ... Therefore n ≥52 in reality, 89 cases are collected 2.3 USED MATERIALS 2.3.1 Researched Materials Cespace Cespace graft: basic elements of cervical intervertebral graft are solid Titanium core, this ... of C4, this gap normally # 11.8 mm ± - Evaluate Cespace settlement in two adjacent vertebral bodies: measuring height of disc slot/ height of Cespace if ...
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sở tiếng anh văn bằng C 1 ppsx

Cơ sở tiếng anh văn bằng C 1 ppsx
... accepted the job which was well-paid and had good a confederations b prerequisites c products d prospects d 30 He lives in a house remote any town or village a from b in c on d off a 31 ... jealous your success." a at b for c with d of d 36 This is an instrument that measures alcohol there is in the blood a how many b how c how much d much c 37 The novel will come out next week ... a correct it b repair it c write it again d damage it c 50 Don't to bring a comb I’ll lend you mine a mind b bother c forget d worry b Test 39 Pronunciation a spell b hero c step d fetch...
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sở tiếng anh văn bằng C 2 docx

Cơ sở tiếng anh văn bằng C 2 docx
... liability c productivity d product c 40 They are charged with a motorcycle a thieving b stealing c burgling d mugging b 41 The mayor her resignation a convinced b underestimated c declared d sacrificed ... finishing a 28 This wine is much too dry Could I have a one, please? a wet b sweet c soft d cold b 29 Her apparel showed her to be a successful woman a clothing b confidence c answer d manner ... up b put back c set up d put aside d 24 The results did not come up his anticipation a to b with c for d of > a 25 My failure great disappointment to my teacher a forced b made c caused d...
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sở tiếng anh văn bằng C 3 ppt

Cơ sở tiếng anh văn bằng C 3 ppt
... b stressful c stressing d stress b 19 The more careless he is in his work, the more …………… he is a successful b unsuccessful c unsuccess d success b 20 The conductor often collects the bus ... b route c way d path c Test 40 Pronunciation a thief b client c piece d niece b a recent b calm c capital d clap a a value b fluent c fuel d due b a neither b either c height d leisure d ... switch on c take on d put on b 16 This plane's ticket is only for the dates shown and can’t be changed a valid b useful c paid d legal a 17 We haven’t scored any yet a goal b match c kick...
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sở tiếng anh văn bằng C 4 pptx

Cơ sở tiếng anh văn bằng C 4 pptx
... microscope b telescope c horoscope d stethoscope b 42 "Would you prefer pop or classical music?" "I can’t stand music in general." a to listen b listening at c listen to d listening to d 43 ... right a on b at c in d to a 27 The scientific study of the motion of bodies and the action of forces that change or cause motion dynamics a call b is called c is calling d called b 28 You ... products have to be very thoroughly before leaving the factory a controlled b investigated c checked d looked into c 44 My Chief always studied the document to signing it a subsequent b consequent...
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sở tiếng anh văn bằng C 5 potx

Cơ sở tiếng anh văn bằng C 5 potx
... watches soap-opera on TV It’s her program a enjoyed b best c favorite d usual c 15 poor management, the company went bankrupt a As far as b According to c As a result of d Given that c ... a cut b hut c shut d butcher d a skip b billion c high d still c a flow b flower c slow d know b Find the mistakes The human ear cannot hear a sound that vibrates less than 16 times the second ... for b travel c make d run a 21 They walked because they couldn't to take a taxi a pay b spend c worth d afford d 22 Unless you park your car in the right place you receive a ticket a don't...
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sở tiếng anh văn bằng C 6 pot

Cơ sở tiếng anh văn bằng C 6 pot
... abolish c police d policy c a mate b water c stake d place b a though b cough c although d soul b a teacher b break c meal d peak b a blank b stand c enhance d hand c a form b work c born d torn ... Geochemistry includes the study of the movement of elements from one place to another as a result of processes chemical a the study of b of elements c as a d processes chemical d Grammar and Vocabulary ... birds, such as quails, can move instant from a resting position to full flight a instant b resting c to d flight a He launched out in extravagance a launched b out c in d extravagance d 10 Geochemistry...
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sở tiếng anh văn bằng C 7 pps

Cơ sở tiếng anh văn bằng C 7 pps
... Sunday a pluck b select c choose d pick d 34 "What’s up with Charles?" "He needs " a cheer up b to be cheer up c cheering up d to cheered up c 35 She is the habit of doing exercises every ... c loft d cave b 40 My uncle was in the shipping business a mercantile b virtual c grateful d collusive a 41 Formerly not recognized a Fondly b Only c Previously d Formally c 42 They watched ... took her baby to church to be a named b christening c christened d baplism c 49 Our firm offered a wide of various products to meet various demands a group b selection c lot d amount b...
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sở tiếng anh văn bằng C 8 potx

Cơ sở tiếng anh văn bằng C 8 potx
... to before he can walk a creep b crawl c stride d stroll b Test 43 Pronunciation a teacher b headache c chair d cheat b a none b stone c bone d alone a a because b clause c cause d aunt d ... huge c rush d bus b a peace b reaper c reader d realize d a down b snow c crowd d allow b a count b country c counter d county b Find the mistakes Fireflies product light through a complex chemical ... chemical reaction that takes place within their abdominal cells a product b a complex c that takes d their a Wind is the motion that occurs when lighter air rises and cools heavier air replaces...
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sở tiếng anh văn bằng C 9 doc

Cơ sở tiếng anh văn bằng C 9 doc
... a cut b to be cut c be cut d to cut b 47 She has always wanted to visit Washington DC, of the United States a is the capital b that is the capital c which the capital is d the capital d 48 ... 12 children a few b fewer c less d lesser b 41 I can’t buy that desktop computer because I have money a a lot of b a little c little d few c 42 The police asked the witness for on the accident ... captain c capsule d capital a a boat b roar c roast d toast b a monkey b storey c money d survey d a blew b stew c crew d screw b Find the mistakes Oceans of the world exerts strong influences...
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Giáo án điện tử tiểu học môn tiếng Anh: Tiếng anh bản_1 ppsx

Giáo án điện tử tiểu học môn tiếng Anh: Tiếng anh cơ bản_1 ppsx
... fine,thanks:Tôi khỏe,cảm ơn bạn Whats your name?:Tên bạn gì? My name is Peter:Tên Peter Buổi học đến Buổi học đến kết thúc kết thúc ... Thursday,September Word rainy Hello=Hi:Xin chào! Good morning:Chào buổi sáng! Good afternoon:Chào buổi chiều! Good evening:Chào buổi tối! How are you?:Bạn có khỏe không?...
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