Personal pronouns exercise 3

Personal pronouns

Personal pronouns
... knows or does not know well in all Spanish America) 17 Personal pronouns 1.3 Personal pronoun as indirect object The following personal pronouns as indirect objects are all in common use: Ella ... tu) (See level for further treatment of the tu and Ud forms.) ´ 1.2 Personal pronoun as direct object i The following personal pronouns are all in common use as direct objects Note that these direct ... least, no room for complaint here, compared to 1.2 immediately above 1.4 Pronouns with prepositions (disjunctive pronouns) i Pronouns used after prepositions are as follows: para m´, para ti, para...
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A study on personal pronouns in english and vietnamese

A study on personal pronouns in english and vietnamese
... especially personal pronouns Analyzing data and giving a lot of examples to make the study more understandable Dicussing and analyzing some common factors effecting on translation Scope of the study ... English Personal pronoun” is one of the small areas in English grammar, yet it is rather interesting for many grammarians ,teachers and learners to study Personal pronouns in English are quite ... blame Harry It was me who opened the letter (1 ; 75) CHAPTER : PERSONAL PRONOUNS IN COMPARISION BETWEEN IN ENGLISH AND VIETNAMESE Comparision in definition -Both English personal pronouns and...
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Tài liệu Personal Pronouns (Đại từ nhân xưng) doc

Tài liệu Personal Pronouns (Đại từ nhân xưng) doc
... Đại từ nhân xưng ( personal pronouns) có hai loại: loại dùng làm chủ từ (subjective) loại dùng làm túc từ (objective) II Lưu ý việc sử dụng Đại từ nhân xưng I luôn viết hoa Ngôi thou/thee từ cổ ... dùng đại từ nhân xưng chủ từ Ví dụ: That’s her Tuy nhiên câu mà đại từ nhân xưng cho thấy cảm giác chủ từ rõ nét hình thức chủ từ sử dụng Ví dụ: It was he who told me about it III Đại từ nhân xưng ... giới từ (preposition) người ta dùng đại từ nhân xưng túc từ dù vị trí chủ từ Ví dụ: We are students - All of us are students Trong văn viết (formal English) ta dùng đại từ nhân xưng túc từ sau...
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... distinction for ‘We / Us’ is more pronounced in the North Personal Pronouns in the Plural General rule for making Vietnamese personal pronouns in the Plural, is to attach a plural marker (Chúng, ... dialects or tongues, as described above, is reflected extensively in the third personal pronouns Vietnamese third personal pronoun in general does not have gender distinction, though more words, ... ‘Mợ’, has cognate in [kau-mou] [26] Vietnamese kinship and social deference address forms for the second personal pronouns also bear some resemblance with pronouns in Cantonese as well as Mường...
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