Phrases worksheet

Some Useful Idioms And Phrases

Some Useful Idioms And Phrases
... kéo dài thời gian - Rough and ready: tàm tạm - In the rough: chưa hoàn thành - In rough: đại khái Ex: I’ve drawn it in rough so that he finds it easy to look Join hands to ST: hợp tác làm - Make ... vicious circle: vòng luẩn quẩn - In the nick of time: vừa kịp lúc - Be overrun with ST: có nhiều - Stand by/ go back on one’s pledges: giữ/thất hứa - Walk with a limp: khập khiễng - Conduct a review ... one’s thirst: giải khát - In/with regard to : concerning SO/ST - Have regard to ST: think carefully and remember about ST - Set of golf clubs: gậy đánh golf - Imposing view of: cảnh tượng bệ vệ oai...
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... information on thhe internet and then filter that information III.Scope of the study Study phrases ,nautical phrases IV.Design of the study Part A: Introduction Aims of the study Methods of the study ... Tel : 0918.775.368 Part B: Development Part C: Conclusion PART B : DEVELOPMENT Nautical phrases Many phrases that have been adopted into everyday use originate from seafaring - in particular ... of sail gave us more pharses and sayings than any other occupation.It is Sailor’s lingo or nautical phrases II.Methods of the study To finish my study on this topic,I need to read the book”Lectures...
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Phrases and clauses of concession

Phrases and clauses of concession
... 17 Although I didn’t speak the language, I managed to make myself understand.(in spite of) 18 I didn’t recognise her although I’d met her twice before (despite) ... (in spite of) 25 Despite his age, Mr Brown tried to run every morning (although ) 26 He ate the chocolate even though he was on a diet (in spite of) ... 19 Although I had never seen her before, I recognized her from a photograph (in spite of) 20 He took many pictures though the sky was cloudy (despite) ...
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NTC's pocket dictionary of words and phrases part 75

NTC's pocket dictionary of words and phrases part 75
... or something (Past tense and past participle: worshiped Present participle: worshiping.) iv to attend a church service (Past tense and past participle: worshiped Present participle: worshiping.) ... tv to take a picture of the inside of a person or an object using Q xylophone ["zaI l@ fon] n a musical instrument made of a series of wooden bars of different sizes, each of which makes a different ... n a ray of energy that can pass through solid or nearly solid matter, such as the body (Used especially to take pictures of the insides of people or objects.) n a picture of the inside of a person...
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Phrases and clauses

Phrases and clauses
... weather is too bad She walks out of the cinema in the middle of the film because it is so boring and long We couldn’t go to the cinema because we didn’t have money for tickets I like watching “discovery ... take off because the weather was too bad They couldn’t drive fast because the street was narrow and crowded I can’t sleep because the weather is hot - 16 - 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 He left school ... turned the heating on because it was cold A lot of women went to work in factories because their husbands were absent I need a change because I’m tired of doing the same thing day after day III Rewrite...
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