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Time asia 25 april 2016 vk com stopthepress

Time asia   25 april 2016 vk com stopthepress
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Book and IDIOMS

Book and IDIOMS
... cách bạn Đừng bắt chước * to something by the book: to follow all the rules when you something Ex: Our lawyer is very good and he does everything by the book Luật sư giỏi làm việc theo nguyên tắc ... * to take a leaf out of someone's book: to behave or to something in a way that someone else would Ex: You had better it your way Don't take a leaf out of my book Bạn nên làm theo cách bạn Đừng ... ngục - Better to stay in her good books Tốt khiến cho cô hài lòng * to turn over a new leaf: to change your behavior Ex: Apparently he's turned over a new leaf and he's not drinking any more Rõ...
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