Tài liệu ELEMENTS OF Structural and Systematic Botany doc

Tài liệu ELEMENTS OF Structural and Systematic Botany doc
... the limits of a book of moderate size anything like a thorough discussion of even the most important topics of all the departments of botany As a thorough understanding of the structure of any organism ... pair of small, fine-pointed scissors; a pair of mounted needles (these can be made by forcing ordinary sewing needles into handles of pine or other soft wood); a hand lens; drawing-paper and pencil, ... become very hard, and the whole falls off, germinating after a sufficient period of rest According to the accounts of Pringsheim and others, the young plant consists at first of a row of elongated...
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... This QUICKSTUDY ® guide is an outline of the basic topics taught in Botany courses Due to its condensed format, use it as a Botany guide but not as a replacement for assigned class work Leaf (source ... Sporophyte is dominant • Evolution of leaf for efficient light capture - Microphylls, megaphylls (In botany, the prefixes "micro" and "mega" generally refer to similar structures in male and female...
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