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A study of english and vietnamese idioms describing people's outward appearance

A study of english and vietnamese idioms describing people's outward appearance
... Similarities 4.2.2 Symbolic Characteristics of English and Vietnamese IPOA Most of English and Vietnamese IPOA have stable structures Vietnamese and English idioms describing people’s outward ... something valuable to the field of teaching and learning English With the research entitled A Study of English and Vietnamese Idioms Describing People’s Outward Appearance , we would like to make a contrastive ... QUESTIONS What are the syntactic characteristics of English and Vietnamese IPOA? What are the semantic characteristics of English and Vietnamese IPOA? THEORETICAL BACKGROUND 2.1 REVIEW OF PREVIOUS...
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14795 describing people 2

14795 describing people  2
... Eyes: brown Clothes: yellow t-shirt, pink Name: Tina Country: England Nationality: English Age : 12 Hair: red Eyes: blue Clothes: Purple dress Likes: shopping Dislikes: Ice-cream Interests: Fashion ... Dislikes: Staying at home Interests: books Name: Melek Country: Turkey Nationality: Turkish Age : 12 Hair: red Eyes: blue Clothes: Purple t-shirt Likes: Cooking Dislikes: Sunbathing Interests: Recipes,...
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256 describing people

256 describing people
... small nose that her daughter is pretty that his sister is rather tall Anna’s attractive smile Describing People Speaking about appearance we speak about qualities In this word search you are to find ... _ _ _ 10 _ Describing People Find 20 words Then use them in the sentences of your own You are supposed to describe ... And I go to school five days a week Yesterday my English teacher asked me to write 12 sentences describing my appearance I thought it was not a problem at all So, I sat before the mirror and started...
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