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Accessing Your System 2

Accessing Your System 2
... either your login name or your password, you will be required to reenter both pieces of information Changing Your Password Changing your password frequently helps prevent unauthorized access to your ... password in the NIS+ cred table Exercise: Accessing Your System Exercise objective – In this exercise, you will practice logging in on the command line, changing your password, logging out, and other ... steps: Obtain a user name and password from your instructor Log in to the system Change the password to mypass1 Log out of the system Log back in to the system with the new password, then log back...
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Your body (whats your body made of and how it works?)

Your body (whats your body made of and how it works?)
... Waterproofing Sweat Your skin is coated with oil made in groups of cells called sebaceous glands The oil helps to keep your skin and hair waterproof and supple Sweat is mainly water and salt, ... cells in your mouth Inside your head Parts of the brain Your brain controls your body and makes sure that all the different parts of you work together It makes sense of what happens to you and enables ... spine to your muscles 19 What makes you move? Your skull protects your brain Your ribs protect your heart and lungs Your muscles You are able to move the different parts of your body because of the...
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