Paul virilio the vision machine

Tài liệu The Ego Machine ppt

Tài liệu The Ego Machine ppt
... of the manuscript still in the typewriter The other spouse would routinely continue the story where the first had left off They alternated in this manner as many times as necessary until the ... distracted him He studied the instrument briefly, then clapped his hands sharply together an inch from the mouthpiece There was a sharp, anguished cry from the other end of the line "Very good," ... worse Operating on the theory that the old Nicholas Martin had come into it, the theater, which had breathed an expensive air of luxurious confidence, chilled toward him The nap of the Persian rug...
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Tài liệu The Time Machine pptx

Tài liệu The Time Machine pptx
... by the The Time Machine Fourth Dimension, though some people who talk about the Fourth Dimension not know they mean it It is only another way of looking at Time THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TIME ... said the Editor of a well-known daily paper; and thereupon the Doctor rang the bell The Psychologist was the only person besides the Doctor and myself who had attended the previous dinner The other ... them when I saw their little pink hands feeling at the Time Machine Happily then, when it was not too late, I thought of a danger I had hitherto forgotten, and reaching over the bars of the machine...
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The Dueling Machine pot

The Dueling Machine pot
... cocked an eye at the chief meditech, hovering at the edge of the little group The meditech, one of the staff that ran the dueling machine, pointed out, "The Prime Minister has passed the examinations ... with the dueling machine get the better of your sense of balance The professor was sitting in the office that the Acquatainians had given him in one end of the former lecture hall that held the dueling ... the dueling machine chamber Neither of them slept well that night The next morning, after an unenthusiastic breakfast, they found themselves standing in the antiseptic-white chamber, before the...
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The Influencing Machine: An Introduction potx

The Influencing Machine: An Introduction potx
... the apocalypse We’ve been here before: the incivility, the inanities, the obsessions, and the broken business models In fact, it’s been far worse and the Republic survives The irony is that the ... corporate-owned, their first allegiance is to their public because, if they lose that allegiance, they lose money Sometimes the press leads the public; sometimes the public leads the press The media, ... irony is that the more people participate in the media, the more they hate the media The greater the participation, the greater the paranoia that the media are in control But I’ve watched journalists...
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The time machine

The time machine
... Factsheets The Time Machine By H.G Wells Summary A group of men, including the narrator, are listening to the Time Traveller discuss his theories on time The Time Traveller produces a miniature Time Machine ... does the Time Traveller hear at the end of the world? (g) does the Medical Man want to keep? (h) does the Time Traveller take on his last journey? ACTIVITIES AFTER READING THE BOOK The Time Traveller ... discuss these questions (a) The Time Traveller brings back flowers from the Land of the Eloi What would you bring back? Why? (b) Why doesn’t the Time Traveller want the Medical Man to have the flowers?...
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the induction machine handbook chuong (1)

the induction machine handbook   chuong  (1)
... equations) around 1860 The knowledge was ripe for the invention of the induction machine which has two fathers: Galileo Ferraris (1885) and Nicola Tesla (1886) Their induction machines are shown ... manufacturing and testing for induction machines Integral induction motors: induction motors with the PWM converter integrated into one piece 1.3 INDUCTION MACHINES IN APPLICATIONS Induction motors are, ... invented the induction motor with the wound rotor and subsequently the cage rotor in a topology very similar to that used today He also invented the double-cage rotor Thus, around 1900 the induction...
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the induction machine handbook chuong (2)

the induction machine handbook   chuong  (2)
... cases the internal primary is the mover and the external secondary is at a standstill In most rotary IMs, the primary is the stator and the secondary is the rotor Not so for linear induction machines ... fact, it is 25 to 60% of the rated current depending on the machine airgap g to pole pitch τ ratio The higher the ratio τ/g, the smaller the magnetization current in p.u The stator and rotor currents ... (Figure 2.9) The slip rings are visible to the right The stator-placed brush system is not Single-phase-supply IMs have, on the other hand, in general, two windings on the stator The main winding...
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the induction machine handbook chuong (3)

the induction machine handbook   chuong  (3)
... to this combination The insulation of the coil conductors (turns) is applied before inserting the coils in slots The coils are vacuum also impregnated outside the machine The slot insulation ... All these insulation accelerated life tests involve the ageing of insulation test specimens until they fail at temperatures higher than the operating temperature of the respective motor The logarithms ... motor The logarithms of the accelerated ageing times are then graphed against their reciprocal Kelvin test temperatures (Arhenius graph) The graph is then extrapolated to the planed (reduced) temperature...
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the induction machine handbook chuong (4)

the induction machine handbook   chuong  (4)
... 6K1 + 2(4) and 2p2 = 6K2 + 1, respectively, the mmf waves for the two pole counts travel in the same direction On the other hand, if 2p1 = 6K1 + 2(4) and 2p2 = 6K2 + 4(2), the mmf waves for the ... layer and the other side in the second layer They are connected observing the inward (A, B, C) and outward (A’, B’, C’) directions of currents in their sides Connecting the coils per phase The Ns/2m ... ……… For the fundamental, ν = 1, we obtain the maximum amplitude The higher the order of the harmonic, the lower its amplitude in (4.8) While in principle such a primitive machine works, the harmonics...
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the induction machine handbook chuong (5)

the induction machine handbook   chuong  (5)
... and the mutual stator/rotor inductances are calculated for the fundamental airgap flux density This information prepares the ground to define the parameters of the equivalent circuit of the induction ... replaced by the actual (designed) maximum flattened flux density Bgm, at an angle θ = 30°/p1, which makes the length of the flux lines in the back core 2/3 of their maximum length Then finally the calculated ... have consequences in the phase current waveforms for the two connections Finally, the saturation produced third and other harmonics influence, notably the core loss in the machine This aspect...
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the induction machine handbook chuong (6)

the induction machine handbook   chuong  (6)
... respectively As the pole pitch of the harmonics is τ/ν, their fields not reach the back cores and thus their saturation factor Ksν is smaller then Ks The higher ν, the closer Ksν is to unity In a ... fields The airgap flux does not reach the other slotted structure (Figure 6.10a) while the zig-zag flux “snakes” out through the teeth around slot openings In general, they may be treated together ... rotor phases In reality the flux in the rotor varies at Sf1 frequency, while in the stator at f1 frequency The amplitude is the same and, with respect to each other, they are at stall Now we...
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the induction machine handbook chuong (7)

the induction machine handbook   chuong  (7)
... S.A.Nasar………… ……… The lower the power factor at ideal no-load, the lower the core loss in the machine (the winding losses are low in this case) In general, when the machine is driven under load, the value ... the value of Pelm is zero, so the machine driven at that speed absorbs power in the stator to cover the winding and core loss Motor no-load mode is when there is no-load torque at the shaft The ... means that either n < and n1(f1) > or n > and n1(f1) < In both cases, as S > (S > 0), the electromagnetic power Pelm > and thus flows from the power source into the machine On the other hand, with...
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the induction machine handbook chuong (8)

the induction machine handbook   chuong  (8)
... constant under steady state and the machine behaves like a synchronous machine with the torque dependent on the power angle δ (S = f2/f1 = ct) On the other hand, the frequency f2 may be varied ... frequency f1 and the other at frequency f2 from a limited power frequency converter The machine speed n is n= f1 ± f p1 + p (8.71) The smaller f2, the smaller the rating of the corresponding ... single induction motions If the induction motor remains at stall for a long time, the rotor and stator temperatures become too large, so there is a maximum stall time for each machine design On the...
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