Story fun for movers

Story Fun for Movers

Story Fun for Movers
... worked with for the pure enjoyment of producing YLE material Thanks are also given for a conversation in Ireland four years ago that prompted her to pen the first draft of the Storyfun units On ... her mother and grandfather for the joy of being read stories as a child, and her sons, Tom and Will, for bringing so much creative fun to the continuation of the family storytelling tradition Editorial ... their partner likes eating Extension for stronger groups: In pairs, learners look back at the story and write their own four short right/wrong sentences For example: Tom is Peter’s brother/cousin.The...
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Fun for Movers

Fun for Movers
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An english lesson fun for everyone

An english lesson fun for everyone
... a bank or a supermarket Write another Caption for the Picture 14 Answers to #7 Boss and employee No, he would not be happy A hangman rope suggests this : “The person in charge ought to be hanged ... man and the woman in the Picture ? #8 Give a synonym for the word “tired” What is the meaning of ‘diaper’ ? ‘Diaper’ is American The British word is _ _ _ _ _ Write another creative caption for ... the synonym for “story” Express “Dad, could you read me another story ?” in a different way “that one” means ……………… Write another creative Caption for the Cartoon above Suggestion Answers to #1...
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get ready for movers

get ready for movers
... page 119 Movers practice test Listening, Part Listen and draw lines There is one example $ Sally Jane Jim Peter Paul Movers prac ers practice test • Listening, Part isteni Mary John Movers practice ... houses next to the park 10 Movers practice test • Reading & Writing, Part no yes Movers practice test Listening, Part Listen and colour and write There is one example $ Movers prac ers practice ... and read Draw lines have breakfast have a shower go for a swim go to school get dressed listen to music go shopping wake up 10 have a bath get up What did you this morning? Put a tick (✓) or...
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Tài liệu luyện thi Cambride-Get ready for movers

Tài liệu luyện thi Cambride-Get ready for movers
... home This is in the living room and ~ou can sit on it It is smaller than a sofa This is part of ~our bod~ You listen with it This thing is smaLL You can caLL or text ~our friends with it This ... doctors in a hospitaL This place is smallerthan a town This is a kind of bag that women often carry You can take photos and make videos with this This a person works on a farm This is a hot place ... irregular verb list on page 121 This is the balcony where Daisy had breakfast This is the sports centre where she tennis This is the town where she _ _ _ _ _ shopping This is the cinema where she...
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