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Ngày đăng: 17/10/2012, 14:35

Mô tả: Mẫu CV bằng tiếng anh ấn tuong hy vong se chinh phuc nhà tuyên dụng. các bạn có thê tham khảo CURRICULUM VITAEMr. Nguyễn Nghiêm TinPermanent Address: Na Com, Tich Luong , Thai Nguyen City.Temporary Address: Na Com, Tich Luong , Thai Nguyen City.Mobile: 0984.899.115 , Home Number: 0280.3745486E-mail: GENERAL INFORMATION Expected position: IT Senior StaffCompanies want to work : Samsung Electronics Vietnam.Eduction Background :School NamePeriodFrom ToTich Luong Secondary school1997 2001 QuiteGang Thep High school2001 2004 AverageFaculty of Information Technology University of Thai Nguyen2005 2010IT Engineer Average-prettyNetpro Academy 8/2010 12/2010Cisco Certified Network Associate - CCNA courseQuite1Nationality: Vietnamese Gender: MaleDate of birth: 29/05/1986Height: 168 cmWeight: 57 kgMarital status: SingleOther Certificate or Experience :PeriodCertificate/ Experience NameMain Content Graduation Rank From To2010 2010English - Level C Listening, speaking, reading, writing QuiteProfessional experience :PeriodCompany name PositionDescription From To12/20104/2011 Viettel TelecomTerminal Staff- To receive warranty repair terminals from customers- Transactions with customers- Working part-time as IT in company- Reports warranty work on a daily with superior.8/201012/2010Rescue Computer And Network Sercurity 911Computer technician- Troubleshoot computers, printers, office machines, LAN problems. - Network installation, configuration of network devices- Data Rescue for PC.Self - Introduction :- Proficient use of computers and the Internet, said a number of programming languages- Knowledge of Computer and networks such as LAN, WAN, WLAN, .- Possible configuration of CISCO devices such as : Switch, Router, Modem, Wifi… - Experience in leadership, such as class officers, the leader graduation thesis.- Can work in teams or work independently.- Work with responsible, careful, thoughtful, always try to finish the job.- Communication skills, creative thinking, willing to learn.- Active, knows how to arrange the work, management and save time.Reasons For Applying To Samsung :The reasons I choose Samsung are really simple. Firstly, I want to develop stably and contribute my efforts to the success and the grow of company which creates the belief for its employees about the its future and life values like your company. Secondly, I want to work for the company which respects for the performance of workers and is the place for workers to show their talents and passions on. Thirdty, I can work for the field I like- Manage and control network system. And there is no reason for me not to work for the company which is always leading about digital technology and dynamic environment where I can develop my skill and experience. And the company which always cares 2about the environment, health, safety, customers and partners and has excellent leaders with good vision and skillful workers so I totally believe the prospect of the company and want to contribute all my potential to the grow of the company.I sincerely thankyou!I hereby declare that the information given by me in this form is correct and true to the best of my knowledge. I truly understand and accept any disciplinary measure if the false declaration.Date : July 09, 2011Nguyen Nghiem Tin3

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